The Challenge

How does your organization manage the growing stream of business documents that need to be filed, securely stored, and later recalled? 


Our Solution

Bottomline's collaborative document processing and archive solution allows users to quickly index and store any paper or electronic document in SharePoint with a single click directly from their desktop or business application screen. Documents become available to anyone in your organization, anywhere, at any time—it’s that simple.



With easy installation and training, one-touch features, enhanced search capabilities, and rapid retrieval you can quickly reap the benefits of effective document management including lower document scanning and management costs and greater staff productivity.




  • “One Click” indexing, storage, and retrieval of any document, paper or electronic, within SharePoint
  • Easy association of documents with business transactions for later recall
  • “Drag and Drop” template interface capable of reading any application screen without coding
  • Ability to leverage existing scanner, copier, and multi-function device investments
  • Industry standard barcodes for cost efficiency and compatibility


Customer Testimonials

Life has become more convenient when retrieving documents and we're on the path to paperless.

Clark Schaffer, CFO, Hickory Foods

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