Available as an on-premises or hosted (managed services) solution, C-Series Enterprise manages all enterprise payment needs by supporting a broad range of payment types, each with associated transaction reporting. Modular in design for the greatest possible flexibility, C-Series Enterprise offers ACH, Faster Payments, international payments (both real-time gross settlement and international ACH), as well as cheque production and lifecycle management. It also includes consolidated, multi-bank messaging, and reporting capabilities.

C-Series Enterprise is the new name for WebSeries version 6.x.

Benefits & Features

  • Centralised, streamlined, and easy-to-use platform consolidates and automates domestic and international payments
  • Robust reporting capabilities, proactive management of multiple bank relationships, and availability of SWIFT connectivity delivers real-time visibility to global cash positions across numerous accounts and data sources
  • Extensive and flexible payment scheduler, bulk payment functionality, and automatic alerts drive increased productivity and efficiency
  • Centralised control of print requests and issuance files for cheques and official documents printed centrally or at remote sites improves visibility and control while reducing costs and risk of fraud
  • One-stop platform and easy integration into a variety of host environments minimises resources needed to deploy new products and services
  • Sophisticated entitlements engine, detailed audit logs, checks against ineligible databases, and name variation modeling help detect fraud and mitigate risk.