Bottomline Cheque Fraud profiles the activity of each customer account to detect deviations and suspicious activity. The product tracks activity across multiple accounts from the same customer to detect direct and indirect links between accounts and customers — and uses predictive modelling to reduce false-positive levels. Extensive information on cheque fraud incidents is collected and stored to create a single source of all data relevant for investigations, including front and back cheque images that are relevant to the incident.

Benefits & Features

  • Rapid deployment to either replace or supplement your existing check fraud solutions. 
  • Designed for easy integration with other systems including:
    • Supplemental data collected during account opening
    • Consortium check fraud alert data 
    • Integration with check imaging systems to automatically present images to analysts and investigators
    • Integration with items processing systems to automate pay/no-pay decisions
    • Integration with DDA systems to automate hold/no-hold decisions
  • Real-time alerts that allow immediate action on pay/no-pay decisions.
  • Consolidated view of all information relevant to the alert including check images allowing for flexible drill-downs.
  • Profiling and activity tracking to detect deviations from standard activity.
  • Complete library of proven rules continuously updated to catch new types of fraud.
  • Highly flexible rule engine and investigation center allows corporate investigators to easily adjust scoring parameters, calculation methods, and thresholds.
  • Seamless integration with other products in Bottomline's Cyber Fraud and Risk Management suite provides a comprehensive platform and product set for preempting, detecting, and resolving different types of fraud, security breaches, and compliance issues.