According to Kapersky Labs, 74% of businesses choose a bank based on its reputation for security. With electronic payment fraud on the rise, protecting your institution is more important than ever before. Bottomline’s Web Payment Fraud is pre-integrated with Bottomline’s hosted payments and cash management platforms, providing real time security monitoring and automated transaction blocking for fraudulent activity. This proven technology is used by hundreds of banks of all sizes, from Credit Unions to Tier 1 Banks.

It is the only solution that is already integrated with Bottomline platforms to alert in real-time and prevent fraudulent transactions. Because Bottomline has created this service specifically for our payments and cash management platforms, Web Payment Fraud can be activated within days, not weeks or months.

Benefits & Features

  • Immediately detects suspicious activity through real-time network monitoring of both authorized users and intruders
  • Enables your staff to focus on the most important alerts through risk scoring
  • Speeds investigative activity through search and replay capabilities

  • Prevents payment fraud immediately through transaction blocking options
  • Ready to use in a matter of days, not months - because it is pre-integrated Bottomline’s hosted payments and cash management solutions