Stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape

BT security fraud & risk 162

Achieve regulatory requirements

while decreasing complexity and increasing detection

BT security fraud & risk 166

Reduce the cost of compliance

while increasing productivity and efficiency of investigations

BT process & representation 131

Eliminate manual processes

through intelligent, automated detection

Why Bottomline's compliance solution?

It is estimated that financial crime is costing the global economy $3 to 5 trillion dollars per annum but only 1% of illegal gains are frozen or seized by the authorities.

Source: UNODC

What makes us different?

Broad capabilities in fraud and compliance 

Bottomline’s expertise and knowledge of the evolving payments landscape 

Customer risk evaluation, sanctions screening and customer screening: a single unified platform to detect and mitigate fraud and compliance risks

Monitor transactions against scenarios, adaptive rules and risk-based approach to detect unusual and suspicious activity 

Analyse payment flows i.e. originator, entities of interest, beneficiary, debits, credits and links in customer networks to identify hidden risk 


Reduce false positives and alerts through machine learning, white listing and the use of secondary identifiers to reduce time and cost

Customer risk evaluation and risk scoring according to your internal policies and procedures 

Maintain control and audit of activities, generate customisable reports and monitor user activity

Short implementation time

Bottomline Technologies is recognised as a trusted partner with our
banking customers

Why Bottomline?

Bottomline’s highly extensible and flexible platform with advanced analytics and intelligent workflow promotes a risk-based review to identify and report events rapidly and efficiently.

Deep expertise

Deep expertise

Anti-money laundering solutions require high attention to regulatory changes, industry trends and anticipating market needs. Subject matter experts provide templated models available for immediate deployment, maintaining and evolving strong features and libraries of strategies is a
continuing investment.

Deep Expertise Illustration

Automated manual audit processes

Automated manual
audit processes

Suspicious activity reporting delivery is expedited with greater accuracy and automated form fills to ensure that reporting is complete, correct and timely as an integrated function of workflow and case management.

Automated Manual Audit Processes Illustration

Multi-channel solution

Multi-channel solution

Achieve regulatory compliance and decrease the complexity of meeting requirements through a single solution. Providing oversight and governance to enterprise anti-money laundering monitoring, a feature set for effective detection in all required channels for comprehensive watchlist and sanctions screening, transaction monitoring, know your customer, customer due diligence capabilities and case management to ensure all reports are complete and on time.

Multi Channel Solution Illustration

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Reduce false positives, reduce the alert rate and prioritise/concentrate the team on high-risk alerts.

Advanced analytics expands solutions’ visibility to threats, provides deeper insights, resulting in a high quality and low quantity of alert volume. This focuses investigators on a highly prioritised risk-based analysis of the right events and cases.

Automation of strategy with machine learning for coverage of emerging risks increases efficiency and delivers a more comprehensive view of organisational threats.

Advanced Analytics Illustration (1)

Watchlist Screening

Watchlist screening

Watchlist screening enables you to confidently filter transactions against global/domestic sanctions and bank watch lists to ensure compliance and take appropriate blocking action. 

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