The future of treasury technology is here, experience treasury management differently.

Speakers: John Rodgers and Rachel Salton

You're invited to join our exclusive product release and introduction to TreasuryXpress - A live Webinar 'The Future of Treasury Technology'.

This webinar will focus on:

Treasury, the industry at present and its challenges

Bottomline and how we are transforming the treasury industry

Introducing TreasuryXpress

Demonstration of TreasuryXpress

Open forum - Q&A

At Bottomline, we maintain a promise to deliver treasury solutions and services that put our clients at the forefront.

As a leading digital, on-demand treasury management solution, TreasuryXpress makes it possible for companies of all sizes to access powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-implement treasury management capabilities. The result? A frictionless experience that economises and declutters resource-intensive operations. This allows treasury to perform at higher, more scalable levels.

We make it easy for treasury teams to automate and scale critical treasury functions. Unlike other TMS providers, only Bottomline TreasuryXpress offers comprehensive on-demand treasury management throughout the entire customer lifecycle. Collaborate and innovate with our subject matter experts in April and learn more about TreasuryXpress, how to maximise your Bottomline investment and realise your digital transformation potential.

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