Bottomline is delighted to be attending MoneyLIVE APAC in Singapore this year and we look forward to helping you accelerate your digital payments modernisation strategy whether that be for…

Real-time cross-border payments

Transitioning to ISO Native

Improving your operational efficiency via a single hybrid SaaS platform

Fraud and financial crime management

Visit our expert team on 13th – 14th September to discuss your organisation’s digital payments transformation strategy.

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Eli Shoshani money live apac

Don’t forget - Eli Shoshani, Head of Financial Messaging, APAC will be speaking on stage 2 at 11:55am on the 13th September, do go and see him as he discusses: International, multi-currency payments:  from concept to reality

In a region that has more exotic currencies than most, and with banks in Asia Pacific having on average 58 Nostro accounts, which have an annual maintenance cost of more than $1.7 million, it is no wonder that there has long been a demand for a pan-regional, SEPA-like payments structure to help improve the reliability, transparency and speed of cross-border payments. Whilst there is no established end-to-end international payments system, the industry has been taking steps to streamline global payments processes and change is now occurring at an unprecedented pace. From new messaging standards such as ISO 20022, to emerging innovative technologies such as SWIFT gpi or solutions such as Visa B2B Connect which leverages intelligent routing via multi-lateral platforms, APAC is set for widespread digital payments modernisation.

What challenges have banks and FIs in Asia Pacific faced when sending and receiving cross-border payments?

How are new messaging standards and innovative technologies helping banks and FIs overcome these challenges?

Who are the key players driving cross-border transformation?

What changes can we expect in the international payments space, in APAC and globally, in the next 5 years?

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