Are manual AR processes holding your business back?

Bottomline Technologies has established itself an industry-leading innovator in business payment automation technology.

Bottomline’s growth and competitive advantage depends on effectively handling around 6,000 accounts receivable tasks such as invoice queries, escalations, statement runs and collecting outstanding balances.

By leveraging its own innovative, cloud-based Accounts Receivable automation and e-Invoicing software, Bottomline can continue to help organisations simplify and streamline their financial processes.

Download our AR automation case study for PTX Print and Post to learn how Bottomline benefits from:

A centralised Accounts Receivable automation platform for both print and digital documents

Outsourced print and post capabilities, saving disruption to other departments by sharing existing resources

Tracing and visibility into statement runs with features such as electronic invoicing

By adopting its own innovative Accounts Receivable automation solution, Bottomline has freed-up employees to work on more important, value-added tasks and eliminated disruption to workflow in other departments.

Download the case study to learn how Bottomline can share its success with your organisation, and get you started with e-invoicing and AR automation today.


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