Real-Time Payments Express business benefits

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Quick and cost-effective integration

With integration into the UK Faster Payments ecosystem, the Express service makes payments immediate and convenient.

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Future overlay services

Provides access to a range of future overlay services designed to keep customers at the cutting edge of the industry.

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Confidence and stability

Bottomline has a 99.99% record of availability for its gateway services; providing confidence and stability when accessing the Faster Payments Scheme.

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Simple and cost-effective interface

The API enables new financial products to be developed quickly and efficiently without the need for complex legal agreements.

The alternative, quicker and easier way to access Faster Payments to meet your customer demand for Real-Time Payments without the need for scheme approval.

The need for speed and the provision of Real-Time Payments to customers has become a ‘must-have’ capability for regulated financial businesses.

Money transferred through the Faster Payments Scheme (FPS) was in excess of £1.7trillion in 2018 from over 2 billion transactions. However, compliance and regulatory timescales and restrictions on FPS testing has limited the number of new entrants to the Real-Time payments ecosystem.

As an alternative, Bottomline offers access to FPS, via API connectivity without the need for additional scheme approval. Domestic customers and those outside the UK will be able to extend their reach to their UK consumers with minimal cost and a short time to market. Using this API Connectivity, Bottomline’s Real Time Payments Express Service offers 24/7 availability to meet the demand for a quicker, easier, alternative solution to access FPS.

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Why Bottomline?

Bottomline is a market leader in the provision of Real-Time Payment solutions and has taken more new entrants to FPS capability than any other provider.


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