The payments landscape is experiencing unprecedented change. The pressure is on for businesses to anticipate where drivers of change will come from and prepare accordingly. 

The report provides insight into the areas of most concern to financial decision-makers and highlights the challenges that organisations have on the agenda.

Read the 2019 Payments Barometer to uncover:

Are real-time business payments set to soar?

Are companies being hit harder, losing more and recovering less when it comes to fraud?

Do businesses understand the impact of the changing payments landscape?

Whose responsibility is sanctions-checking anyway?

Now in its fourth year this annual index surveys over 400 financial decision-makers across Great Britain. The 2019 research highlights the lack of understanding around new payment initiatives and the escalating impact of payment fraud on businesses.

Key highlights over the last three years include:

The impact Brexit has had as a driver of change

Small to medium businesses claiming slow payer ethic as their greatest payment challenge

Over half of business revenue was negatively impacted by financial fraud

According to financial decision makers...


agree that regulatory changes will impact payment processes in 2019


say their business recovers up to only 20% of their losses


say their businesses have been impacted by fraud in the last 12 months


admit to paying suppliers late


is the average loss through fraud in their business


say they will be using real-time payments by 2020 

2019 Business Payments Barometer


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