Think of a greetings card and, in most cases, you’ll picture Carte Blanche’s ‘Me to You’ range and its signature character ‘Tatty Teddy’.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary year, Carte Blanche Greetings has significantly grown from a company selling just a dozen greeting cards to an award-winning global giftware business.

Carte Blanche’s progressive growth has proven the need for a flexible and agile information management system that can minimise manual intervention, and streamline their AP and document management processes. By adopting Bottomline Transform AP, an easy-to-use AP automation software, they have significantly reduced their costs and increased their business efficiency.

Bottomline Transform AP automation software has helped Carte Blanche to:

Save an estimated £100,000 per year by increasing efficiency and moving away from paper-based documents

Improve their user experience with a powerful and easy-to-use document management system

Leverage true document customisation without time-consuming custom ERP programming


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