The CFO State of Mind

Read any news source these days and the consensus seems to be that accounting and other finance functions faced several struggles in 2022. Chief among these were access to the tools necessary to do their jobs correctly and concerns over implementing the systems and personnel to deploy them. For example, one recent PwC survey found that 68% of current CFOs are investing in digital transformation, tops on the priority list.

The point here is context. What our survey found, however, is that not only is the average finance leader doing the best they can with what they have, but they also have a clear understanding of the essential areas where they need to invest to stay competitive in the future. But what about those other more negative portrayals?

Traditionally, the CFO mandate has been to make sure that the books are in order, and that the accounting point of view is being considered. This is the comfort zone for the CFO of the past. However, “if today’s CFOs are given a mandate to help drive strategic growth for the business, the new question becomes, ‘Do they have the tools they need to actually do that job?’” said Colin Swain, product leader at Bottomline Technologies. “And the answer is ... maybe.”

In a shifting landscape, understanding how to get things done efficiently, and the resources needed, is more essential than ever. Turns out, when it comes to tools, technology, staff and implementation, CFOs are in the center, as we said at the outset.


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