The majority of internal payment fraud is committed by employees who have been with a company for a long time and have access to payment files. Therefore, uncontrolled user access to payment data represents a failure in financial management that can be exploited.

Download the guide to learn how ePay Encryption can help your business benefit from:

Reliable and trusted secure payment software, securing payment data from the point of creation

End-to-end payment encryption ensuring safe transmission of customer data files

The elimination of opportunities for unauthorised access to payment files during transit

Automatic encryption of payment files, ensuring a data leak will not compromise customer details

A payment data security breach can result in the loss of clients, £millions in fines and generate negative publicity causing substantial reputational damage.

Bottomline’s best-in-class ePay Encryption secure payment software securely encrypts payment data and will help your business combat fraud and errors. Can you afford to leave your payment security to chance?

Why it matters?

74% of fraud cases involved the exploitation of weak internal controls by fraudsters.


Source: KPMG Report


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