The next two years will be critical, and ultimately, there will be some winners who are quick to adopt modernisation and those that risk attrition by being laggards. Ignoring the need for change is no longer an option where the ability to ‘connect, control, compete and comply’ is table-stakes.

Concurrently, opportunities abound to grow, increase operational efficiency, win new clients and enter new markets. There is a new vigour in the industry, motivated by innovative trends, compelling propositions, record levels of new investments from the venture capital & private equity houses and tough competition.

Who would have thought Operations in Banking and payments would become such a hot topic? However, operations and related efficiencies are moving at an unprecedented pace. This speed is even more remarkable given the digitisation of payments from the pandemic and customers’ demands to be ‘always-on’.

The good news is that there are so many whitepapers on the optimal ways to collaborate with Fintechs, the most successful path to digital transformation and best practices for meeting customer expectations.

The problem is that with this abundance of thought leadership, how can you ensure that you choose the right advice on how to make the best choice for your institution that guarantees speed-to-market in an already busy roadmap?

Therefore, to save you time and energy, using our experience and expertise, we have condensed the key take-aways from the global research for you.

These tips and five best practices will help you engage and succeed in your digital transformation strategy.

"55% of banks and FIs said that adopting new payment rails were their top priority in the next 12 months."

2021 global report The Future of Competitive Advantage in Payments and Banking.


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