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Payment services are no longer solely the domain of banks. 

As fully digital ecosystems continue to mature, the expectation on banks will be to enable end-to-end digital payment services that deliver value to consumers and businesses beyond the simple exchange of funds.

Real-time payment systems are a vital tool that banks can use to improve service to corporate clients, increase efficiencies in payments processing, and ultimately to develop new business models that will enable them to compete with agile new players and expand their business in both domestic and cross-border contexts.

The 4 steps to success:

Choose the correct RTP model for your business

Build the RTP business case

Select the right implementation approach for your strategy

Transform your RTP strategy into revenue

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The evolution of payment system access models

As technology and regulation have evolved, payment system access models have shifted as well with a clear trend toward expanded access to clearing for banks and non-banks alike.

Leveraging RTP in a Digital Ecosystem WTP page graph.png

Source: Lipis Advisors

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