In fact, fraud affects governmental organisations across the spectrum, with both central and local government councils incurring payment fraud losses that running into £billions annually.

With fraud detection budgets slashed, the challenge to prevent fraud in public sector organisations in an effective, cost-sensitive way is proving increasingly difficult.

One in five of all payment fraud cases in the UK relate to public sector fraud. 

Pro-active public sector fraud detection is critical so that risk is measured and reduced before systems are exploited. Central government and local councils now recognise the need to adopt a public sector fraud prevention strategy. 

Download the guide, specially prepared for the public sector, to learn how to:

Identify the three main types of public sector payment fraud within the public sector: Payment Diversion, Payroll Fraud and Invoice Fraud

Reduce the risk of public sector fraud with the 4 Ps: Pursue, Prevent, Protect and Prepare

Detect security vulnerabilities to help prevent fraud in public sector organisations

Why it matters?

36% of organisations report being victimised by economic crime.

Source: PWC 2016 Crime Survey


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