How our treasury management software can help your business

With rapid and cost-effective implementation times, TreasuryXpress is putting an end to “treasury blind-spots” by taking treasury teams beyond the boundaries of spreadsheets and legacy TMS solutions.

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Unlock hidden value with real-time cash positioning and visibility

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Reconcile bank accounts easily and build reliable cash forecasts

BT security fraud & risk 171

Reduce payment fraud and gain control with a single payments gateway

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Manage, track and execute debt and investments

BT currency & payments 92

Improve liquidity management and transaction monitoring

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Efficiently manage bank accounts and reduce bank fees

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Automate and customise reporting for improved transparency


Innovative treasury management solution capabilities

Real-time cash visibility

Leverage dynamic and highly configurable dashboards for real-time views of cash positions

Derive actionable insights to key stakeholders and decision-makers

Strengthen working capital and liquidity management

Optimised daily treasury operations

Simplify user experience and increase user-adoption with wizard-driven workflows

Automate daily transactional bank data collection and reconciliations

Manage all operations including loans, deposits, foreign currency, trade finance and facilities

Enhance visibility and information sharing with automated reporting and dynamic user-configurable dashboard

Cash and liquidity management

Enable real-time cash positioning across all accounts, currencies, banks, businesses, and countries

Provide comprehensive visibility into all areas of cash and liquidity in one central repository

Enable real-time and informed decision making

Deal Management

Track short-term and long-term investments and debt instruments including money market deals, term deposits, intercompany loans, and fixed and floating rate debt

Calculate interest accruals

Track FX spots, forwards, swaps, and options to provide a full view of your foreign currency exposure

Track liquidity to improve forecasting as well as reducing missed payments

Cash flow forecasting quality assurance

Improve forecast accuracy and analysis with multiple scenarios

Tailor forecast views by day, week, month, quarter, and year

Integrate easily with 3rd party systems to ensure cash flow data quality

Achieve greater control and governance with complete user audit trails

Payment management and security

Simplify and automate the payment workflow for both domestic and cross-border payments

Easily centralise and manage user permissions through one solution

Ensure accurate transaction execution according to user-defined payment rules

Mitigate payment risk exposures with electronic signature workflows, virtual security tokens, and full audit trails

Automate reconciliation for each transaction

Cash accounting

Automate the creation of cash entries for bank transactions

Seamlessly integrate with any ERP system to automatically send and book entries in any format

Automatically determine entries on both the cash and offset sides of income and expenses through user-defined settings

Bank fee analysis

Automatically aggregate and analyse monthly bank fee statements against company negotiated bank fee schedules to achieve better transparency into bank fees

Analyze current, prior, and same month charges for the prior year

Conduct analysis using both industry standards and non-standard formats

Global bank connectivity-as-a-service

Centralise global payments and visibility to account information by connecting to a single access point

Meet compliance requirements with real-time sanction screening

Minimise fraud and risk by utilising SWIFT Access Service fraud detection monitoring

Connect to a wide range of global networks and payment schemes

Standardise message formats by utilising SWIFT Access Service data transformation services

Ensure connection security with multi-factor authentication and local authentication of files

Improve cash management with real-time reconciliation

Stay Connected. Be Future-Ready. Conduct Treasury in Real-Time.

Fast and smart delivery

Long implementation projects are a thing of the past

Technology-driven implementation processes minimise human-intervention resulting in faster implementations

Complimentary solution implementation by Bottomline’s award-winning services team

Comprehensive cash visibility achieved in 12 weeks or less on average

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Limitless scalability

All-under-one cross-functional solutions

Scale as you grow with integrated and highly configurable modules

Optimised financial data reporting and reconciliation processes

Broader financial collaboration with unlimited users included in all subscriptions

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Proven security and fraud prevention

Security and risk mitigation are top priorities

Secure and scalable platform built on Microsoft Azure

Fully compliant with ISO and SOC standards

Trusted data protection and privacy

National, International and Supra-National regulation compliance + BT CISO requirement

Enterprise identity, access, and workflow control

Dynamic Audit Trails

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Unparalleled Support

Take bureaucracy out of your success

Unlimited user training options

Report customisations included in implementation

In-app support and direct access to product expertise

AI-driven system diagnostics

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Benefits of our treasury management software

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Optimise liquidity management and utilisation

Optimise cash liquidity and working capital management for better financial growth

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Maximise operational efficiency

Eliminate error-prone, manual processes to make your treasury function more streamlined

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Mitigate Risk

Assess and manage risks to liquidity to ensure that your business can always meet its financial obligations

BT currency & payments 95

Reduce costs

Conduct analysis on bank services and fees to mitigate fees where possible

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Accelerate business growth

Gain real-time insights and make data-driven decisions to move your business forward

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“We’re very happy with our choice to implement Bottomline’s Cash Management and Payments solution. The company has responded excellently to our complex and specific needs.” Terry Nelson | Treasury and Accounting Services Manager | Avalon Health Care Group


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