What is the SWIFT Payment Tracker?

The Tracker operates as a SWIFT-managed application that extracts selected information from in- scope MT Payment messages and sends the data to the Tracker. Bottomline’s customers can leverage our technical connectivity to update and engage with the Tracker.

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You can choose support for one or all of the below:

BT transaction 70

Access to the SWIFT Tracker User Interface over our secure connection

BT data representation 25

A File Upload service for the Confirmations

BT documentation & messaging 53

Access to the SWIFT Tracker using our API

Features and benefits of Bottomline’s SWIFT gpi and Universal Confirmation Technical Solutions:

Gain direct access to SWIFT gpi tracker database, via a Graphical User Interface (GUI), FIN messages or API.

GUI access via the bureau Gateway and SWIFTNet Web Access, leveraging the Multi Factor Authentication service provided by Bottomline today.

FIN messages to update and receive status messages, configured for integration to your payment systems.

APIs via the GPI Connector hosted on our Bureau Gateway with ongoing support with no requirement to install the software themselves. The license is valid for both SWIFT gpi or Universal Confirmations.

Set up and ordering support.

Ongoing maintenance and availability via our Gateway.

Configuration support for speed to market.

We will work with you to identify and implement the changes to you messaging to ensure compliance with the GPI rulebook.

Including additional fields, new code words and additional data required.

Integrated with your existing payment flows

New message flows.

Modify existing flows.

Derive the full value of SWIFT gpi data without re-engineering your back office

Using our transformation services to avoid making significant change to your systems to support the new messaging requirements

Why should banks, FIs and Corporates prioritise SWIFT gpi implementation?

You can’t afford to NOT be a part of the SWIFT gpi network:

More than 660 banks have signed-up to the SWIFT gpi service, with the capability to channel payments into over 1,300 country corridors and 150 currencies. Every day, banks send the equivalent of over $300 billion in value and 56% of SWIFT’s 17 million daily messages.

Your customers are demanding it:

Corporate customers have threatened to switch banks if they don’t get it e.g. 100% of corporate customers that BNP Paribas onboards all ask for details on what SWIFT gpi offerings are available. Therefore, banks that aren’t yet SWIFT gpi compliant risk

SWIFT gpi can improve your operational efficiency:

SWIFT gpi has the potential to improve an institution’s internal processes and save them valuable money and resources. Added transparency will enable your customers to ‘self-serve’ - “it eliminates manual intervention and reduces customer investigations by 50 percent, saving on the cost of resources” (SWIFT Global Payments Innovation Report, August 2018).  

There is also the opportunity to build new services and revenue streams:

By leveraging the tracker data and solving for IS0 20022, financial institutions can offer more innovative solutions such as real-time payments and open banking.

What are Universal Confirmations and how are they different to SWIFT gpi?

Universal Confirmations is a SWIFT mandate that needs to be met by November 2020 (available since November 2019) which requires every single customer payment (MT 103 on FIN) has a confirmation that the funds have been credited to the end beneficiary account.

Confirming payments gives you access to the Basic Tracker.

Through the basic tracker you will be able to see the status of your inbound and outbound payments, have visibility of when clients are credited and the confirmed amount. This can be of significant value to your client service teams that are looking to improve customer experience and deliver faster, and clearer reconciliations of payment queries.

Why it matters?

Every day, banks send the equivalent of over $300 billion in value and 56% of SWIFT’s 17M daily messages.


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