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What is Visa B2B Connect?

A new multilateral payment network designed to deliver predictable and transparent cross-border transactions. It provides an avenue to improve your cash position by taking trapped liquidity out of the corresponding network in these challenging times for your domestic market lending.

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Benefits of Visa B2B Connect

Visa B2B Connect offers a unique opportunity for banks and their business customers to streamline operations, reduce costs and enable growth


  • Streamlined payments
  • Bank-to-bank payments with robust, streamlined data for improved transaction accuracy and easier reconciliation.
  • Transparency and finality
  • Clear transaction costs and payment schedules reduce uncertainty of payments
  • Reduced costs
  • A centralized network can reduce the number of relationships you need to manage


  • Advanced security
  • Join a network strengthened by distributed ledger technology and the security of Visa.
  • Permissioned network
  • Closed, permissioned network where all members are known participants.
  • Fraud protection
  • Account data tokenized with unique digital identities, reducing the opportunity for fraud.


  • Connect with ease
  • Visa B2B Connect delivers a range of application and implementation options so you can cater a solution to your needs.
  • Complementary and compatible
  • Shift to a modern payments experience that is compatible with existing systems.
  • Platform architecture
  • Visa B2B Connect is a modular architecture which helps us enable unique market and/or regulatory scenarios in a timely manner. This architecture primes us to embrace new technology like Hyperledger fabric to significantly enhance client experience.


  • Network scale
  • Visa B2B Connect is built on Visa's unsurpassed capabilities, and formidable core assets.
  • Global connectivity
  • Enjoy same or next-day access to multiple currencies through a single integration.
  • Easy growth
  • Highly scalable, so you can grow your business and revenue.


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