We understand that making the most of technology first requires thoughtful planning to address both business and IT needs, then effectively designing and deploying systems to meet those needs.

Bottomline offers a variety of professional services and training programs to help our customers speed solution deployment, support user adoption and maintain productive up-time. Delighting our customers drives all we do.

Financial process consulting services

Your roadmap to straight-through processing solutions

Bottomline's consultants have designed, implemented, and deployed hundreds of enterprise-class payment processing systems with large financial institutions and corporations.

We bring deep domain expertise to every implementation, including knowledge of:

Standards and connectivity formats such as SWIFT, ISO, EDI, and BAI for communication between banks and corporations.

Complex international financial processes such as electronic payments, foreign exchange, and wires.

Internal corporate treasury management and accounts payable processes.

Many financial organisations have found that a tactical, application-by-application migration cannot succeed because the eventual web experience does not reflect or support how customers do business on a day-to-day basis.

Bottomline Professional Services offers a proven methodology for electronic payments processing on the web that is focused on developing better customer experience. Bottomline's clients have improved their competitive position in the market, reduced their risk, and improved their services to customers. Our consultants can help your business:

Define new workflow to transition manual process steps to the web.

Capture a customer-centric view of your applications for a unified experience.

Define a framework for growth to allow for an evolving user experience.

Create an effective roadmap for delivery.

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Financial document automation implementation services

Speeding your time to document automation operational readiness

Project management is an essential element of successful financial document automation implementations. The methodologies adopted by Bottomline have been one of the major factors contributing to the success of our previously implemented projects. Good control, documentation, project planning, and efficient coordination of all the various elements are vital to the overall success of delivering the solution. Our financial document automation implementation service offering plans for the entire engagement. Deliverables, communication plans, and processes are established so both teams are in agreement on the implementation project plan. We are here to guide and support your team as you move forward with implementation.

Our deep domain expertise allows us to guide your team through the project lifecycle, including:

Integration assessment with business process review

Project planning

Solution configuration

Delivery, training and support

Document services

Rapid design and delivery of customised forms and documents

If you are short on resources or time to meet your project deadlines, Bottomline can help. Our on-staff experts can quickly and efficiently design high-quality forms, or scan and digitise logos and signatures to help you customise your form projects to maintain corporate branding.

Forms design: Our expert form designers can create and deliver everything from basic form overlays to complex forms with data mapping and customised business rules.

Graphics services: Bottomline offers services for scanning and tracking logos and signatures for your corporate forms.

Document capture and imaging: Managed by Bottomline's Transaction Centers, outsourced data capture services offer a unique combination of highly-trained technicians and proven character recognition technologies to quickly and accurately capture data down to the line-item level. By transforming paper-based forms and documents into workflow-ready electronic data, organisations of all sizes can take full advantage of AP, AR, and legal spend management solutions that accelerate business processes and reduce the administrative costs associated with manual paper handling and storage.

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Additional ways Bottomline can support your organisation

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Customer support

Our representatives can develop a customised offering specific to your organisation and based on your product, region and specific need.

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Training programs

Bottomline's training programs are designed to increase knowledge and skills to ensure user productivity.

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