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Bottomline’s Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Platform

Provides a unique combination of comprehensive data capture directly from the corporate network, cross channel analytics, and real-time alerting to detect and prevent fraud, and ensure compliance.

All Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management solutions incorporate Intellinx technology and use a common platform which provides a unique combination of comprehensive data capture directly from the corporate network combined with cross channel analytics and real-time alerting and action, making it easy to analyze suspicious behavior over time and across applications, analyze and prevent new types of fraud, ensure compliance, and provide legally admissible forensic evidence. A common user interface for all types of fraud and compliance analysis maximizes productivity of network operators and fraud investigators.

Key capabilities of the Bottomline CFRM platform include:

  • Cross-Platform and Cross-Application Surveillance - The system non-invasively tracks all user and account activity in corporate applications across all major platforms, from Mainframe to iSeries to Web.
  • Visual Replay – The system captures a detailed audit trail allowing complete visibility into end-user activity with visual replay of every screen, and flow of screens in core business applications across all major platforms. The system provides Google-like search on the content of every user screen and session enabling investigators to immediately get answers to questions, such as: which user accessed a specific patient record in a given timeframe, and then replay the exact activities of the user screen by screen. This functionality enables compliance with GLBA, HIPAA, PCI and other regulations that require a detailed audit trail of access to sensitive customer data.
  • Cross-Channel Behavior Tracking in Real-Time – The behavior of customers, accounts, employees and other entities is tracked and profiled by the analytic engine which correlates activities between the various channels and generates real-time alerts on suspicious events in various channels including EMRs, e-Banking, ACH, checks, new accounts, employees and others. This enables compliance with government regulations such as Identity Theft Red Flags.
  • Investigations and Case Management – Suspicious events can be investigated utilizing a user-friendly web-based user-interface, allowing investigators to manage and document the investigation process, view all information relevant to an alert, case or profile in one consolidated view with flexible drilldown options on each related entity. The system enables investigators with no technical background to fully control the investigation environment and processes and control business rules parameters and thresholds, set scoring calculation functions, maintain white lists, configure automatic case creation, define reports, etc.

Benefits of an Integrated CFRM platform include:

  • Monitor all corporate applications (including legacy apps) with non-invasive data “sniffing” on corporate network switches.
  • Analysis, fraud alerts, and transaction blocking is data source independent - evaluates collected (“sniffed”) user behavior data, log file data, and data from corporate systems.
  • Improve productivity, prevent more fraud, and maximize compliance with a fully integrated alert and case management system which eliminates the need to manually share information between systems
  • Maximize productivity of fraud investigators with a common user interface for all types of fraud analysis, plus a common set of reports and dashboards that combine information from various performance events, suspicious fraud events, alerts and cases.
  • Deploy in days with any application integration.

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