Bottomline PrecisionForms

Bottomline PrecisionForms delivers complete automation for design, distribution and storage of transactional documents and data; supported by tight integration with your critical business applications and SharePoint™.

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PrecisionForms, part of the Bottomline Transform® for Microsoft Dynamics® product family, is an easy-to-use design tool offering advanced document formatting and process automation. It is optimised to enable design, delivery and archive of a multitude of document types. Ease-of-use extends to the application interface. Sharing the same AX user experience allows end-users to work within familiar screens for maximum efficiency with minimal training. When customisations are needed, the "drag & drop" design tool allows non-technical staff to tailor reports without relying on expensive, third-party resources for programming or development support. PrecisionForms fully supports new reporting structures in AX 2012, allowing existing reports to process using the new framework. Reducing the need for development resources places ERP document processing firmly within your control, reducing costs to maintain and upgrade your AX system.

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Benefits & Features

PrecisionForms features an easy-to-use "drag & drop" design tool for advanced document formatting and process automation for multiple document types. End-users can work within familiar Microsoft AX screens. The product fully supports new reporting structures in AX 2012.

Key benefits include:

  • Compose more professional looking business documents, including invoices, MICR checks and purchase orders
  • Eliminate the need for costly pre-printed forms and custom check stock
  • Decrease postage costs by migrating to electronic delivery channels
  • Dynamically tailor logos, languages and marketing messages
  • Reduce reliance on external consulting services for document output, design and delivery
  • Save, distribute and output reports to SharePoint in real-time
  • Automatically “repaginate” output to conserve printed paper and reduce PDF file sizes
  • Enable international business transactions with support for double-byte characters.