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Bottomline PT-X Connect

This cloud based, collaborative platform enables greater control and proactive management of your outbound financial documents, delivering superior real time data and insight for decision making around cash flow health.

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Bottomline’s PT-X Connect allows you to securely manage the transition and status of invoices, purchase orders, and other financial documents. Leveraging the strong connectivity with customers and suppliers, PT-X Connect features a real-time user interface, to deliver insights against their interaction and engagement with outstanding documents. Innovative exception management tools, identify, untouched and overdue items allowing you to prioritise them for action. Intelligence from this collaborative data helps drive enterprise-wide financial decisions allowing you to proactively maintain a healthy working capital and improve customer and supplier relationships.

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Unlock the value of your financial documents


PT-X Connect Overview

White Paper

The Missing Link Between Accounts Receivable and Better Cash Flow

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Benefits & Features

  • An auditable view of the status of all outgoing financial documents and subsequent customer interaction with them.
  • Clear visibility of the value and volume of outstanding and un-actioned documents via a centralised user interface and monetised graphical representation.
  • A proactive approach to your cash collection by effectively highlighting cash at risk for priority action.
  • Impacts top KPI’s such as reducing your Day Sales Outstanding (DSO) by ensuring you get paid quicker.
  • Saves time, reduces operational costs and optimises your working capital.

  • Improves collaboration with your customers via an easily accessible cloud based repository.
  • Effortlessly works with any document output management system without the need for installed software or upgrades.
  • Being modular and scalable you only pay for the functionality you use and the transactions you need resulting in a low cost of ownership through favourable subscription based payment terms.
  • Delivers improved engagement and experience improving satisfaction and loyalty of customers and suppliers.

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