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Bottomline Transform Suite

A scalable, modular document automation platform, Transform® gives organisations the option of deploying individual modules or leveraging the entire platform across the extended enterprise. It is designed to function on a stand-alone basis or to integrate with other solutions.

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Transform offers true document customisation without custom ERP programming. It has enterprise-class functions for deployment, clustering, and load balancing, as well as improved auditing features for greater administrative controls. ERP-specific integrations are available, including Oracle, SAP and the Microsoft Dynamics® Suite. Connectors offer complete support for native output, transforming previous costly design changes into simple tasks that can be implemented without third-party consulting services. New documents can be accessed via specialised content and media attachment functions giving users access to any document from within their ERP environment. Companies also gain cost savings resulting from “green,” electronic document delivery and storage.

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Benefits & Features

  • Composition and Personalisation. The Transform Designer is powerful and easy to use. With real-time visualisation during design process, you can map inputs, format data, and create dynamic document layouts.
  • Multi-Channel Delivery. Content created with Transform Output Center can be easily and efficiently distributed through a number of online and off-line channels like fax, email, mobile devices and the web allowing for flexible, timely and targeted delivery of transactional documents and customer communications.
  • Storage and Retrieval. Documents produced by Transform Output Center can be automatically stored and retrieved using key index fields or full text search. The ability to add notes or relate documents via common index values provides a full online history of transactional processes.
  • Auditing and Reporting. Transform gives you increased security and control over the entire document production process. Specifically, it allows segregation of document design responsibilities, while the server supports multiple environments keeping testing and production processes separate.

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