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Sales order management

Generate sales quotations, distribute sales agreement for signature, capture electronic signatures and distribute executed agreement.

Anchor: Overview

The Challenge

The quote to order process is often fraught with many challenges. These include receiving quotations with mistakes, lost quotations, lost order paperwork, absent signatories, order entry and delivery errors. All of which can lead to delays, increased costs and poor customer satisfaction.

Our Solution

Bottomline's sales order management solution automates workflows to give you more confidence that your customers have the best possible experience; that your quote to order process is fast, accurate and efficient; and you have the visibility you need to plan your business. It links your existing quote, CRM and ERP systems and sales and finance processes. It also eliminates redundant work and manual tasks; minimising errors and enhancing customer credibility.

Anchor: Benefits


  • Reduce the lead time to revenue recognition
  • Increase efficiency and control across the quote to order process
  • Minimise manual tasks and decrease errors by 45%*
  • Improve customer experience and reduce costs with 20-50% fewer customer queries*
  • Benefit from time and cost savings. Order management speeds up by 35%* and orders processed per employee increased by 15%*.


Anchor: Functionality


  • Integrates and shares data across multiple, disparate business systems
  • Automatically manages and captures digital electronic signature approvals
  • Provides instant document storage/archiving and access
  • Sends and receives electronic documents with full version control and tracking
  • Creates and designs instantly recognisable branded quotes and documents
  • Customises the solution to match your existing processes
  • Reduces the use of paper.

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