Decillion Group is now part of Bottomline Technologies

In an age of heightened global instability, no organisation can afford to ignore the need for disaster planning to ensure business continuity. In fact, failure to adequately plan for and test your disaster recovery capabilities is fast becoming an issue that can carry with it severe penalties.

Business Continuity has been developed as a cost effective solution for SWIFT users to ensure that they can meet their obligations to various organisations such as SWIFT, APRA and APCA with respect to their SWIFT infrastructure. The aim is to ensure as little down time as possible for the client. We guarantee that the customer can be up and running within one hour from the initial phone call requesting the need to go to disaster recovery. Advantages of utilising this service include:

  • Removes the need for you to maintain or purchase server hardware
  • All SWIFT and operating system updates, maintenance and testing is covered in the annual fee
  • SWIFT business resumption within an hour. (Conditions apply, please contact us for further details)
  • Certified Bottomline SWIFT engineers on site to assist with recovery
  • Your own dedicated SWIFT server running on quality hardware with full standby capabilities
  • Self-contained office with internet access, telephone, printer, fax and photocopier facilities Alternatively, business continuity can be achieved by dual provisioning your SWIFT BIC code on our Service Bureau and using our connection should yours faces an issue. Visit here for more information