Decillion Group is now part of Bottomline Technologies

FlexiCare offers peace of mind for our portfolio of products, whether it is messaging, STP or compliance. Depending on the package selected, FlexiCare offers in country telephone and on-site support, plus maintenance, upgrades and quarterly system health checks carried out by our in-house experts.

Telephone Support
Experienced consultants are available to provide support during business hours (Monday through Friday).

On-Site Support
When a problem cannot be resolved via the phone, engineers are available to come on site to resolve the issue. Discounts are applied to our standard daily charge out rate for all work, based upon the package you subscribe to.

Availability subject to location. Please contact your nearest office for clarification of service level available.

Guaranteed Service
As a FlexiCare client, your calls and support take priority over non-FlexiCare clients. A response is guaranteed on the same day for many cities throughout our region and times are negotiated with those who are not so easily accessed.

Periodic Maintenance
Bottomline will provide installation of patches and upgrades as they become available.

Periodic Health Checks
A comprehensive review of your servers is undertaken looking at system and application logs to identify potential and undiagnosed problems. In addition, checks are conducted to ensure that the servers meet vendor guidelines.