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Business Process Management

Smarter, Faster, Cheaper

The Finance Industry follows the same laws as every other industry, the law of nature - survival of the fittest. To prosper, you need to outperform your competition by being Smarter, Faster, Cheaper.

The key is to evolve, to embrace the advantages that modern technology can provide and throw away the shackles of the legacy systems and infrastructure that is weighing down your business. MAPS provides you with the opportunity to evolve.

Technology Advantage

MAPS offers an unrivalled status driven Service Oriented Architecture, allowing you to have dynamic control and complete visibility over your entire message processing needs.

MAPS utilises the latest Microsoft BizTalk and SQL platforms. The latest mainstream server technologies offer the benefit of mass-market power. Microsoft systems are widely used and offer functionality and resilience not only outperforming mainframes but also doing it at a fraction of the cost.

The richness of integration capability provided by Microsoft’s BizTalk Server allows MAPS to integrate with other back office applications. Communication is the key to success and MAPS can talk to other systems with ease to provide complete enterprise level integration for seamless straight through processing.

MAPS uses the latest Web 2.0 technologies. This allows for an active, graphical, browser based user experience, which has been previously called “Network as a Platform” computing. Using a Server-side processing model with Web 2.0 asynchronous communication methods delivers a fully functional interactive application to the user through the browser, not just a passive web site.

You cannot go against progress and technological advancement; MAPS offers the latest technologies and systems theory for you to gain a significant advantage over your competitors.

Business Advantage

Every business has unique qualities; the flexibility of MAPS allows you to match your system to your business instead of conforming your business around someone else’s IT solution. This principle of flexibility is key in MAPS. MAPS is adaptive to address the unique nature of business and to keep up with the ever changing market place to maintain your competitive advantage.

Being entirely browser based, you can conduct your business from anywhere with an Internet connection. This brings people together, allows you to integrate and interface globally and be closer to your customers.

The objective is to be faster to market than the competition. As a modular system, you can add or change business processes as opportunities present themselves without extensive time to market cycles. MAPS features the entire ISO 15022 (SWIFT) and ISO 20022 (UniFi) messaging standards, and together they cover the entire scope of the Finance Industries messaging requirements. With MAPS you won’t have to go looking for a new system every time you have a new business line as MAPS can adapt to your needs.

Combining MAPS with the latest Microsoft Server technology and revolutionary system service architecture, we are able to deliver a tailored, cost effective, scalable and flexible solution within a rapid timeframe to meet the needs of today and challenges of tomorrow.

  1. Advanced interfacing & transformations between messaging formats
  2. SWIFTReady Payments and Financial EAI certified
  3. Full functionality of ISO 15022 & ISO 20022 standards
  4. Flexible base system configuration to create any user & organisation structure required
  5. Fully customisable and dynamic business process workflows
  6. Cutting-edge technology & system processing model
  7. Complete reporting capability through SQL Reports
  8. Dashboards & Transactions Manager for complete messaging overview
  9. Real-time message processing
  10. Monitoring, authorisation, validation & repair functions
  11. Fully scalable on both IT and business sides