Decillion Group is now part of Bottomline Technologies

Earthport offers a proven service that delivers low value cross-border payments. Using an innovative payments model, backed by expert service, we have radically improved the landscape for low value payments – increasing efficiency, while reducing delays, errors and fees.

Through our web-based service and unique settlement platform we bring traditional payments processes up to modern standards, and beyond. We work behind the scenes, enabling banks and other institutions to gain the maximum benefit for the minimum effort.

Designed to handle high volumes of payments, our cross-border payments service is available in more than 50 countries and territories worldwide – reach that continues to expand through the growth in our banking partnerships.

With a ‘Global ACH’ service that is low cost, easy to use, and offers around-the-clock processing, our clients can count on Earthport to:

  • Modernise trade payments – create straightforward ways to make low value open account trade payments, at a fraction of the cost of existing methods
  • Effectively deliver high-urgency volume payments – e.g. bulk payroll, expense disbursements, pension payments, accurately and on time
  • Develop direct to bank remittance services – enjoy charges that are typically less than 50% of the current market average for wire payments and international funds transfer, capturing flows of remittances and generating fee income
  • Make and receive e-commerce payments – efficiently process high volume, low value payments with reduced risk

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