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INTIX Message Suite

The Challenge: Financial institutions are managing ever-increasing volumes of messaging data and are faced with the growing complexity of financial data formats. As part of their regulatory compliance obligations, financial institutions are required to keep records of all financial transactions for up to 10 years. Working with such massive volumes of data, in a variety of non-compatible formats, quickly becomes complex and costly.


The Solution: The INTIX Message Suite gives financial institutions a centralized solution to access all of their stored messaging data and long-term archives, allowing easy message retrieval, (regulatory) report generation, business intelligence, real-time monitoring, …


The INTIX Message Suite is a set of solutions and provides one single platform for all your financial messaging data handling. All solutions or modules run on the same technological framework. The INTIX Message Framework can integrate with all existing data sources and will not require duplication of storage.

The INTIX solutions are standard products. As such we can guarantee state-of-the-art product quality and maintenance. We can easily adapt to the customer’s specific requirements by configuring a set of parameters, and as such the solution will be responding to your organization’s requirements.


The INTIX Message Framework centralizes the core integration functions of the solution, such as interfacing, message handling, security.

The INTIX solution comes with a standard authentication module, but can optionally also integrate with the banks Single Sign On solution.

Key functionalities:

  • The core platform on which all IMS modules operate
  • One single platform accessing all your financial messaging data, from real-time to long-term archives
  • Supporting all (inter)national financial messaging standards, also in-house data formats
  • Centralized security layer
  • Thin client available in English, Russian and French. Other languages upon request

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