Every AP automation solution says they’re special, but do their customers?

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100% of customers found Paymode-X easier to use than competing solutions 

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100% said our accounts payable reporting is better than anyone else in the industry

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92% of customers rated Paymode-X’s deployment as easier than competitors

How much could you save?

Take a spin at using our ROI calculator to see what you’ll save using Paymode-X’s automated invoicing and payment processes 

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Eliminate or automate every AP process you use today and you could realize these benefits: 

Annual rebates
The cash back on AP spend you can expect to receive by enrolling Vendors in Premium ACH and card payments.


Annual Cost savings
The money you will be able to save by digitizing more of your payments mix, removing paper checks and invoices from the process.


Annual net benefit
Annual Net Benefit = Annual Rebates + Cost Savings - Recurring Fees


Adjust the calculator settings to see how much you could save by switching to Paymode-X.

Disclaimer: The results based on this calculator are indicative only and any actual savings may be greater or less than those shown.

You can have it all

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  • Accelerate invoice processing
  • Automate and streamline your entire payment mix
  • Secure every step of your invoice-to-pay process
  • Earn cashback rebates on digital payments

Learn what you should be looking for in AP Automation

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What you get with Paymode-X AP Automation

Efficiency, security and visibility are standard with Paymode-X. You can address either the combined invoice and payment challenges your business is facing or just your payment challenges, depending on your needs.

Invoice Automation

Invoice automation

Enables AP departments to overcome the cost, time, risk and errors associated with paper invoices and manual processes. Easily digitize and automate the invoice lifecycle starting at the time of receipt through capture, matching, coding and approvals. With Paymode-X, your AP department will streamline workflows, enhance governance and get operational visibility around PO and non-PO invoice processing.

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Payment Automation

Payment automation

Provides 100% payment automation for businesses, helping AP departments maximize efficiency, reduce fraud risk and optimize working capital. Unlike manual processes or fragmented virtual card, ACH, check and B2C payments, Paymode-X enables businesses to streamline AP across all payment types using a single platform.

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Learn more about Paymode-X AP Automation

You’ve scrolled this far, so we’re guessing you’d love more information on AP automation, its benefits and how you can best realize them with Paymode-X. Well, AP professional, we’re not going to let you down. 

Overcoming key invoice and payment challenges

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video time: 04:50 video title: How to overcome invoice and payment challenges using Paymode-X

In this on-demand webinar, we’ll show you how to move past the manual, paper-based processes that plague your organization and into a brighter future. Hint: Paymode-X can help. Learn what you should be looking for in AP Automation

Understanding the automation opportunities of digital payments

Everyone talks about getting away from checks and move toward ACH and card, but not everyone tells you why. Here’s how Paymode-X optimizes your payment mix, whether you’re 100% out on checks or not. Learn what you should be looking for in AP Automation

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Reinventing your AP organization

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You’re dealing with legacy processes. We know because we struggled with them ourselves, very recently. That’s why reinventing AP is an urgent priority for every organization, and this piece outlines both the steps and the benefits of doing so. Learn what you should be looking for in AP Automation

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Don’t take our word for the benefits of AP automation

We’re evangelists for automating accounts payable processes, sure, but maybe you’re skeptical of our pure motivations in telling you about them. Take it from the experts at Ardent Partners, then: It’s worth it, and we’re going to get you squared away. Learn what you should be looking for in AP Automation

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