Customer Support and Services is organized into four levels of service:

BT legal 107

Basic Support

BT personnel 141

Client Services (Client Advisor / Account Manager)

BT legal 104

Expert Bill Review (Attorney Auditors)

BT security fraud & risk 157

Technical Services

What's included in client’s annual subscription fee?

System Training and Consultation

Deduction Analysis and Consulting Insurance

Guideline Consulting

Interfacing Consulting


Recurring Check-in Meetings and Annual Program Reviews

Industry Spend Management Best Practices/Trends Consulting

Rules Consulting

Reporting Consulting

Why Bottomline?

Our Customer Delight is at 97% YTD and 83% of our requests are closed same day.


Basic system-level support including general application questions, concerns, or “how to” help for both you and your vendors is handled through our Help Desk (1-866-645-7444 Option 5) and our Customer Care Portal ( Support Representatives are available live from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET, Monday – Friday (except Bottomline holidays) and live after-hours support for emergencies (by phone only).

Our Support team is managed and staffed by Bottomline Technologies with locations in Portsmouth, NH and Wilton, CT. All support calls and emails are logged and tracked. Up to the minute access to both open and closed support tickets is available 24 hours a day in our Customer Care Portal.

Technical services

The Technical Services team provides technical support and expertise for our customer products. They research and respond to customer requests of varying technical complexity, work both directly with the client and internal teams. They lead system interfacing (Web Services) projects and support all product release deployments. They also set up new client programs and reporting schemas and support ongoing changes to the clients’ programs and settings.

Respond to customer requests of varying technical need

Provide technical guidance on system interfacing

Support all release deployments

Create client programs and reporting schemas

Expert bill review team | Attorney auditors

As part of our offering, at the start of the implementation, our Expert Bill Review team of Attorney auditors provides consultation on billing guidelines including industry best practices and generally accepted auditing principles.

Working in partnership with our customers, we can create new billing guidelines or augment existing guidelines.

Our Attorney Auditors review each invoice, line by line, to ensure compliance with our customers’ billing protocol(s).

Our robust spend management platform captures critical billing metrics to drive management reports which our Expert Bill Review team can review in detail to provide insight and guidance on billing trends and issues.

Our Expert Bill Review Managers are available to work directly with you and your law firms, either one on one or in a seminar setting.

Client services | Customer success team

Your client advisor is your dedicated contact, leads recurring meetings and formal annual reviews and is responsible for the overall customer relationship and ensuring successful program results. 

System configuration

Rules and workflow

System training

Reporting and analytics

Industry trends and best practices

Leads recurring customer review meetings

Our goal is to delight our clients with our services, technology, and industry expertise to achieve superior results. Our service bureau works with over 300 carriers and claims organizations on an ongoing, permanent basis leveraging industry best practices to ensure maximum utilization of Legal-X and our service offerings.

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