3 Keys to Winning with Digital Banking Technology

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Germaine Lang

Oct 23, 2018

In today’s digitally competitive financial industry, staying on top of emerging digital banking technology trends is a necessity for banks looking to win and retain business customers. The good news is that although many small businesses are turning to non-bank payment solutions, banks continue to be perceived as a trusted source of financial products offered in a secure environment, which makes them ideally positioned to attract new business banking prospects and grow their relationships with existing customers.

However, banks need to meet the growing expectations of their business customers, who count on their financial partners to provide a tailored digital experience that includes an integrated package of financial products. In this way, banks can become a strategic partner to their business customers.

To help you get there, here are three keys to winning in a digital banking environment.

  1.  Put your customers first. The digital experience you offer must focus on their needs, not on your products and services. Banks can accomplish this by modernizing and personalizing the user experience, using a differentiated shopping experience and securing transactions by identifying user behavior and proactively spotting anomalies in that behavior to stave off fraudulent activities.
  2. Broaden your financial suite of products. Businesses turn to banks for financial services expertise beyond checking and deposit accounts. Many small to medium sized businesses need help improving cash management and managing receivables.
  3. Increase your speed and agility. Establish a digital banking platform that can be tailored and scaled to customer segments. Embrace the cloud. Make sure that you stay on top of emerging trends and have a plan in place to adopt the latest technology quickly and efficiently.

By taking these 3 keys into consideration, you will help your bank stay competitive in the digital age. After all, banks that provide an integrated digital banking experience that meets and exceeds expectations will build longtime relationships with their business customers.

For more details on the 3 keys to success, read the full paper “Digital Banking – How to Win in a Digitally Competitive World.”

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Germaine Lang

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