The Future of Global Payments and Banking: What Are the Experts Saying?

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Germaine Lang

Feb 3, 2020

Bottomline Technologies recently released its second annual look into the future of global payments and banking. The eBook, sponsored by Visa and the Fintech Power 50, is a treasure trove of insights and predictions from some of the most influential thought leaders in the industry. It’s no secret that the payments and banking landscape is constantly evolving with numerous moving parts – breakthrough innovations, new technologies and a rapidly-changing regulatory environment – but figuring out how to stay in front of these important developments often proves challenging.


The newly available “Global Payments and Banking 2020: Experts Weigh in on What’s Next” is a valuable and informative resource for payments and banking professionals. With perspectives from experts like Alan Koenigsberg from Visa, Jennifer Petty from Bank of America, and Jim Marous from The Financial Brand and Digital Banking Report, you can better prepare yourself and your organization for what’s coming around the next bend.

Topics include:

  • Bank and Fintech Collaboration
  • The Digitization of Global Economy
  • Open Banking and Integration
  • Customer Experience and Intelligent Engagement
  • Security, Financial Crimes and Fraud

As we hurtle into 2020, the regulatory environment around open banking, real-time payments, PSD2 and distributed ledger technology will continue to evolve as these initiatives expand globally. And as they do the threat of fraud and cybercrime will likely keep pace. How will banks and financial institutions stay compliant and protect themselves?

Another important development on the horizon is the growing influence of consumerization on business transactions. The digital capabilities and interactions we experience in our personal lives are being demanded from our business partners more and more. How will these expectations be met?

Find out what prominent industry thought leaders have to say on these topics and get a glimpse into the future of global payments and banking. Download the complete “Global Payments and Banking 2020: Experts Weigh in on What’s Next” eBook and get a head start on preparing for what 2020 brings.

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Germaine Lang

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