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Dec 22, 2021

Looking back on the year, it’s clear that transformation momentum from 2020 didn’t slow as we traveled through 2021. In fact, the energy of last years’ experience became the wind beneath the wings of continued transformation.

Automating more payables and payment types, opening up more banking and accelerating faster payments took root.  The triumvirate of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning enabled more fraud and financial crime fighters and supported an ever-expanding universe of compliance requirements.

So, as this year’s journey comes to a close, we’ve assembled a content collection of the best assets from 2021 to help you navigate into 2022. 

This collection of digital magazines, research reports, articles and more highlights activities, advancements and imperatives across Fraud and Financial Crime, the universe of B2B Payments, Digital Transformation, and Banking.

Give yourself the gift of reading this season. Share it and your knowledge with peers and partners, for we’re surely all in this together. And may a new season of discovery and prosperity illuminate your transformation in 2022. 

Fraud and Financial Crime

  • 2021 Treasury Fraud and Controls Survey – Corporate practitioners and bankers share where their organizations stand in the fight against fraud. The survey gathered extensive data on fraud experiences, defense and control plans, fraud prevention spending, and views on risks.
  • Fraud in Commercial Banking – Striking the balance between detection and CX. Commercial banking fraud mitigation is experiencing a new level of interest from FIs as they try to combat escalating and highly-sophisticated attack vectors from organized crime rings.
  • 3 Ways Fraudsters Compromise AP Security and Controls – 2020 brought a host of new fraud and financial crime threats, but post-pandemic confusion about accepted procedures and security measures within AP is also a concern. This confusion gives scammers an even greater likelihood of successfully intercepting payments. How can you mitigate the risk?
  • Reimagining Watchlist Screening -- Modern technology-powered solutions promise to bring a paradigm change in screening, supporting near real-time screening and converging transaction screening with fraud operations. As a new era of hyper-digitalization dawns, it’s time to embrace new technologies to transform and disrupt screening and comply with sanctions.
  • 6 Ways to Spot Insider Fraud Before It Strikes – When we think of fraud, we usually think of outsiders as the bad guys.  However, insider fraud is a critical threat that’s growing.  We’ve outlined six ways to spot insider fraud before it strikes.
  • The Bottomline on Fraud & Financial Crime This digital magazine is an evergreen collection for the latest on insider and employee fraud, securing payments and more.

B2B Payments

  • AFP 2021 Digital Magazine – this collection of articles and resources, developed for AFP 2021 attendees, pulls together resources aligned with the event’s themes: Treasury Management, Payments, and Risk Management.
  • The State of ePayables 2021– During the early pandemic days,  AP professionals worked urgently, often placing themselves in harm’s way, to ensure business continuity, bolster financial resilience, and help to prepare their enterprises for the next economic phase. AP had never been more important to business operations and business results. Sixteen months later, AP's importance remained at an apex.
  • 2021 Business Payments Barometer – The way businesses pay tells an evolving story of payment innovation and cash management. In this report, organizations of all sizes, share what’s been important to them over the last year and what will be vital over the next 12 months.
  • 2021 B2B Payments Survey Report -- For the 5th consecutive year, Bottomline and Strategic Treasurer partnered to survey treasury and finance professionals from banks and companies about all things B2B payments. This survey focused on what’s impacting digital payments, challenges facing practitioners and how they’re securing B2B payments.

Digital Transformation

  • Digital Payments Transformation with ISO 20022 as the Springboard -- The payment industry is facing an unprecedented change on a global scale. This development influences the entire payments ecosystem, from domestic and instant rails, to cross-borders payments—and  ISO 20022 emerges as a common link in global payments transformation.
  • Digital Transformation Adds New Value for Cloud Treasury Management Solutions – Using technology to automate treasury operations can bring tremendous cost savings and efficiencies into treasury.  Whether you need to better align time/staff utilization, reduce banking costs, mitigate errors and risk, or enable stronger, more profitable cash utilization, transformative TMS is the way.


  • Sibos 2021 Digital Magazine – in this collection, you’ll find a wealth of information for banking professionals. Developed in conjunction with the Sibos 2021 event, you’ll find the latest on cross-border payments, payments regulation and how to stay competitive.
  • Small Business Banking in 2021 -- Our latest market outlook report for small business banking outlines enhanced opportunities for financial institutions to provide products and resources for growth within the small business market.
  • The State of Online Account Opening and Onboarding -- Keeping pace in the world of banking is challenging. This report draws on perspectives from respected experts to provide a deep understanding of the current state of digital account opening and onboarding, as well as where it’s headed in the next few years.
  • Navigating Banking and Payments in 2021 -- Change is evident. It drives invention and innovation. Most recently, financial institutions and businesses everywhere found themselves quickly adapting to the necessity of contactless payments, processes and transactions to maintain business continuity. Leading voices in banking and payments share their insights.

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