B2B Mobile Payments Are on the Rise: Don't Be Left Behind

Digitization and Transformation


Germaine Lang

Jul 30, 2020

As consumers, we’re used to making nearly instant payments from our mobile devices with just a few clicks. Paying a friend back for picking up the dinner tab before you even leave the restaurant, sending your payment portion for a Mother’s Day gift split by far-flung siblings, or paying a babysitter while you’re on the way home from date night. As accessible as these payments have been for consumers businesses have been slow to adopt them -- but that’s changing as mobile payments are on the rise. One reason for this is the growing expectations of customers who demand the same convenience in business transactions that they have in personal transactions.

Jon Mahoney, Head of API Strategy for Bottomline, sits down with his colleague Niyati Joshi, the Commercial Product Manager for payments, to discuss the transformation of digital payments in the B2B space and why speed matters. They also touch on the challenges banks and businesses face in finding the right digital solutions and services to fit their needs.

Overcoming these challenges and offering the immediate transaction capability that customers demand, across multiple platforms is the key to remaining viable and competitive in today’s B2B payments landscape. Of course, no conversation about payment innovation is complete without touching on open banking and its impact on consumers and businesses.

Join Mahoney and Joshi to hear how more and more businesses are going digital with their payment options – to retain and grow their customer bases, check out the full on-demand webinar, Why It Pays to Be Fastfeaturing Mahoney and Joshi.


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Germaine Lang

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