International Fraud Awareness Week: Know the Threats

Fraud and Financial Crime


Germaine Lang

Nov 13, 2020

November 15-21 marks International Fraud Awareness Week, a global initiative led by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) to elevate the global effort to minimize fraud’s impact through anti-fraud awareness and education. According to the 2020 ACFE Report to the Nations, organizations across the globe lose an estimated 5% of annual revenue to fraudulent activity.

We’ve compiled a list of educational resources focusing on fraud to help you stay informed on the latest developments across a rapidly changing landscape. As fraudsters become more sophisticated in their tactics, turning financial crime into organized business, it’s important to not only understand what’s happening today, but also anticipate what’s coming tomorrow.

To start your journey, join Omri Kletter, VP of Cyber Fraud and Risk Management, as he discusses implications for the payments industry, what we can expect and how to prepare in the podcast, “How fraud and financial crime will look in 2025“.

Check out additional resources below to round out your knowledge and to join the conversation in support of International Fraud Awareness Week activities.


  • Cybersecurity Leadership: A Fresh Look at Fraud” – in this on-demand webinar, a panel of CEOs, including Bottomline CEO Rob Eberle, and CISOs examine the latest payment fraud schemes including BEC, card not present, and insider fraud.
  •  “Securing Payments and Preventing Fraud in the Digital Age” — in this article, Daniel Bardini, Managing Director of Financial Messaging explores how cyber fraud has evolved, with attacks growing in sophistication and scope, making securing payments a top priority.
  •  “COVID-19 Fraud Tactics Targeting Business Payments” — in this on-demand webinar, Chris Gerda, Risk and Fraud Prevention Officer, discusses how 240 million COVID-related daily spam messages are blocked by Google and what you can do about the ones that get through.

Insider Fraud

Business Email Compromise



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