Everything You Need to Know About Open Banking, PSD2 and Other Changes in the UK Payments Landscape

Regulation and Compliance


Marcus Hughes

Oct 3, 2018

There’s no doubt that initiatives like Open Banking, PSD2 and others are transforming the way businesses pay and get paid.

We’re experiencing a time of radical change in the payments landscape. It’s an exciting time full of opportunity for organizations that are willing to think about things differently (easier said than done for many business that pride themselves on along history of operating in certain ways). But it’s also a time of significant stress,as many of the changes that are taking place are driven by regulation, which means that businesses and banks are under significant pressure to become compliant with all the new rules and payment schemes.

Ultimately, it’s a time of uncertainty.

Big or small, change is always a challenge, and it can be difficult to even know where to start understanding what’s going on with so much taking place. Questions abound, such as what’s the difference between Open Banking and PSD2? What are the benefits of Open Banking? What’s the impact of Open Banking on the payments industry?

A recent whitepaper written by Marcus Hughes, a business payments expert with extensive experience in major European banks and technology firms,does a good job of answering those questions and more as it provides practical, detailed advice on the scope of this evolving landscape.

For organizations looking to understand the overarching impact of Open Banking, PSD2 and other proposed regulatory, technological and operational changes taking place in the industry, this paper provides a detailed overview of Open Banking, PSD2 and all the nuances those initiatives entail. It also goes into great detail on issues like the New Payments Architecture, new Overlay Services such as Request to Pay, changes to the way payments and direct debits are processes, ISO 2022 and more.

Read “Open Banking –Changing the Way Business Pay and Get Paid” now.


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Marcus Hughes

Marcus Hughes, Director of Business Development for Bottomline Technologies, is a senior transaction banker with a successful history of product innovation, thought leadership and business development in a major European bank, a UK clearing bank and prominent technology firms.
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