Are You Meeting Your Treasury Management Objectives?

Treasury And Cash Management


Germaine Lang

May 28, 2019

Effective treasury management is at the heart of any successful organization. From managing liquidity to corporate finance and even reputational risk, the role of treasury management is an overarching one. But how do you know if your organization is meeting its treasury management objectives and running as efficiently as possible?

There are several aspects to consider when giving your treasury function a health check, including an in-depth assessment of your treasury technology. It can be an overwhelming and daunting task, but asking these 6 questions will get you started on the right path:

  1. Do you have consolidated visibility into the costs of your entire financial supply chain? Many organizations have multiple banking relationships that come with associated fees. Without visibility into all of your financial data it’s nearly impossible to effectively manage cash and expenses.
  2. Are your payment processes under control? Using multiple payment platforms for vendors, payroll and expenses can lead to time-consuming manual tracking across systems.
  3. How capable are you of identifying fraud? Before you can stop fraud your organization needs to have internal and external fraud prevention controls in place. Bad actors can come from anywhere, and often times they are in financial roles.
  4. Are the benefits of new payment methods within your reach? New payment technologies are emerging constantly. In order to take advantage of lower banking and payment costs it’s important to stay on top of these capabilities and determine which are right for your organization.
  5. How reliable is your connectivity to your financial supply chain? Having uninterrupted access to your global financial supply chain is crucial to treasury accuracy and efficiency.
  6. Are you prepared for the increasingly complex regulatory environment? Not adhering to regulatory compliance can lead to costly penalties and even reputational risk.

For more details on these questions and the impact the answers can have on your treasury function, download the “The 10-Minute Guide to Measuring Treasury Efficiency”.

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