Period 10 Results: COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery

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Germaine Lang

Jun 16, 2020

The results are in for the latest Global Recovery Monitor survey, which is intended to provide real-time insights into the impact COVID-19 has had on businesses and what the recovery outlook holds. Sponsored by the Treasury Coalition, a collaborative group of treasury and financial organizations, the survey provides insight through a regular polling of industry professionals around the globe. Originally referred to as the ‘Global Crisis Monitor’ this marks the second set of results focusing on recovery. The current question set has moved away from the immediate effects of the pandemic on business and towards the efforts businesses are taking to reverse those.

As Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, explains, “We believe that having information and insights sooner is better than later. As we gain insights over multiple events, we may as an industry ain better leading indicators that let us know when to expect the inflection point and a return to normalcy.”

 Result Highlights:

  • Staff Location: in the wake of countries allowing more business sectors to reopen, the interesting highlight of this question set is that 35% of organizations reported that they added to the number of employees working from home, rather than opening up offices in conjunction with the ‘return to business as usual' trend.
  • Accounts Receivable: as an indicator or liquidity health, the good news is that the perception of AR status has had significant positive movement.
  • Recovery Curve Predictions: the majority of respondents this week (44%) still believe that the economic recovery curve will be a W-shaped model. This indicates that we will see a movement towards recovery, with a second downward dip before a permanent correction.

Top Concerns: asked to rank seven business concerns the top three this week are:

  • Direct Impact on Business
  • Access to Adequate Liquidity
  • Recession in Regions of Operation

Each week, the Treasury Coalition will continue to offer insight into what’s top-of-mind in the treasury and financial industries during the pandemic, and how practitioners are viewing the recovery timeline.

Full results for Period 10:

How You Can Help

To be a meaningful resource, the Global Recovery Monitor needs consistent participation from those in the treasury and finance trenches. To add your voice to the results, take the survey here.

Check back here weekly, as continues this series as provides insight into the how the industry is recovering from COVID-19.

Read the first article in this series, featuring an interview with Craig Jeffery, Executive Director, Strategic Treasurer. 

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