Period 15: Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results

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Germaine Lang

Oct 6, 2020

The latest results are in for the Global Recovery Monitor, a survey sponsored by the Treasury Coalition. The coalition just released the most recent set of results. The survey, which is conducted on a monthly basis, is sent to finance and banking professionals around the world in an effort to closely follow the effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on the economy and businesses worldwide.

The questions touch on topics such as treasury function, fraud, organizational liquidity, and overall outlook on the impact of the pandemic and what the future holds.

The latest results mark the 28th week since the survey began and continues to see an upbeat trend in the respondents' view of their company's liquidity position with a positive growth of 20%. Holding steady are both the expected point when the impact of the virus will begin to diminish (between 4-6 months) and the timing estimate for when respondents expect COVID-19 to no longer be a significant health issue (around 11 months).

Global Recovery Monitor Result Highlights – Period 15:

  • Rising Fraud: the instances of fraud since many businesses switched to a remote working model have increased by 51% over May numbers, spotlighting the need for increased training and controls in the new working scenario.
  • GDP Outlook: country-level GDP predictions show that respondents are growing more pessimistic about GDP health in Q4 2020 and extending into Q1 2021, with an 10% more negative responses over previous results.
  • Areas of Concern: this result period's top area of business concern returned to Staff Safety Protocols, which has been ranked among the top 3 for the last 4 months. The move to the top could be explained by the fact that 32% of respondents noted an increase of employees heading back to the office.

To see the full range of responses, access the Period 15 results report here.

Click on the image to access the current survey.

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