Period 12: Global Recovery Monitor Survey Results

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Germaine Lang

Jul 15, 2020

In this series, SmartPayments reports on the results from the Global Recovery Monitor, a recurring survey of industry professionals on the economic impact of COVID-19.

When the global pandemic emerged in early 2020, Strategic Treasurer recognized this event would have a significant impact on businesses, and the economy, worldwide. In short order, it formed the Treasury Coalition, a collaborative group of treasury and financial professionals that sponsors the regular surveying of treasury and financial roles across the globe. Originally named the Global Crisis Monitor, the survey evolved into the Global Recovery Monitor – as businesses focus shifted from initial reaction to prolonged adaption.

The survey touches on a range of topics intended to measure treasury vital signs, provide real-time insights into how daily business is being impacted, and help organizations benefit from shared experiences. While the survey has been deployed 12 times since it’s March inception, this week’s article features the 4th week of Global Recovery Monitor results. For a holistic view spanning the full to-date run of the effort, check out the library of articles below.

Global Recovery Monitor Result Highlights – Period 12:

  • Location of Staff: after many organizations scrambled to put the infrastructure in place to support a shift from on-premise employees to an off-premise model, this week’s results show that back-to-office migrations jumped from an average of 13% of staff on site to 35%.
  • Top 3 challenges facing off-premise employees:
    • Never-ending work mindset (60%)
    • Technology issues (47%)
    • Reduced team communication (38%)
  • External business concerns: when asked to rank the external factors causing concern, the health and response impact of COVID-19 ranked 1 and 2, followed by geopolitical & military aggressiveness 3 - a jump from 7 in the previous survey.

Access full Period 12 results here:

Each month, the Treasury Coalition will continue to offer insight into what’s top-of-mind in the treasury and financial industries during the pandemic, and how practitioners are viewing the recovery timeline.

How You Can Help

To be a meaningful resource, the Global Recovery Monitor needs consistent participation from those in the treasury and finance trenches. To add your voice to the results, take the survey here.

Check back here weekly, as continues this series as provides insight into the how the industry is recovering from COVID-19.

Read the first article in this series, featuring an interview with Craig Jeffery, Executive Director, Strategic Treasurer.


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