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Daniel Bardini talks about fraud through employee collusion and what banks can do

(Betrug durch gemeinsame Absprachen von Mitarbeitern – was Banken tun können)

Companies underestimate the seriousness of the risk that their employees will fraudulently harm their employer. Fraudulent collusion by employees caused more than 7 billion dollars in damage last year.

In this article, Daniel Bardini, Managing Director of Financial Messaging for Bottomline Technologies provides a guide for banks to help detect and prevent employee collusion at an early stage.

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Why money laundering checks and sanctions screening really matters

Regulations aimed at detecting and preventing fraud, money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime have more than tripled in recent years. While banks and corporates battle to stay ahead of the growing domestic and cross-border risks associated with the proceeds of crime, none can afford the financial and reputational cost of not adhering to these changing regulations and being caught in an illicit funds transfer.


The Bangladeshi Bank Fraud: How did it happen?

Cyber-attacks are common news in this era, you’re more likely to take a hit online than be mugged in the street. What makes this story interesting is the lengths and preparation that were put into this heist (like any good film) and how it uncovered a weakness in a payment system that moves millions of payments around every day.

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