Many are familiar with the alarming rise of APP fraud in the UK due to the flood of documentaries or daily news articles highlighting the human impact of these scams. Take for example, the latest Which? research that highlights that every hour, victims are losing more to bank transfer scams than the average UK worker earns a year.

As we celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Confirmation of Payee and a revamped voluntary reimbursement code, the APP fraud problem persists, and most financial losses are still falling onto consumers and businesses.

With the latest official fraud statistics due to be published within the next few weeks, it's time to review and measure how far we have come as an industry.

We've gathered a panel of industry experts to debate the issues and the expected interventions from the regulator in the industry this year.

Join the lively discussion where we'll cover:

What's the new fraud threat level in the UK and the liability changes ahead?

What's the human impact of APP fraud?

How will CoP help and how do we switch it on?

How do you build your business case for CoP?

What’s mandated next by the regulator?

This session will be followed by a live Q&A.

More panelist to be announced.

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