Building on our first webinar in the series 4 Steps to Maximise Instant Payments in Europe that was held in September 2021, this session will see how the adoption for Instant Payments has progressed in the last six months.  

Have we learnt from the past - namely, what’s come from the various payment schemes that have been implemented for instant payments so far, such as SEPA, SEPA Instant Credit Transfer (SCT Inst), and the newer more accessible instant payment settlement service (TIPS)? 

Are we closer to overcoming the barriers to adoption - Recent Bottomline research shows that 39% of respondents listed internal prioritisation and legacy infrastructure as the top two obstacles to adopting instant payments? 

Do banks & FIs now know how to build a strong internal business case where making the case for instant payments being a top priority is important to get the initiative started, as well as to make sure it has enough capital and personnel to keep it running in order to catch that 26.3% run rate stated by one German bank?  

What plans do banks & FIs have to use the new technology as a springboard for digital payments transformation, including digital overlays such as request to pay (R2P).  Instant payments development opens the door to several digital banking solutions and new customer experience enhancements that serve the customer first. 

This webinar will address all these pain points and our expert panel will also discuss the benefits of RT1, TIPS, P27 and other instant payment systems.   

How has Instant Payments adoption changed in the last 6 months? 

How are the various systems interoperable across Europe – TIPS + RT1, P27 NPA, SIC Instant Payments?  

What barriers to adoption are banks & FIs still facing and what is the most effective way to build the internal business case?  

According to the EPC’s November 2021 corporate survey, close to 100% of respondents supported offering a Europe-wide uniform mode of operation for Request to Pay. However, how can banks & FIs leverage Instant Payments as a springboard for digital payments transformation, including digital overlays such as Alternative Payment Methods (APM) Request to Pay (R2P)?  



Frederic Viard, Senior Market Development Manager, Bottomline

Riccardo Colnaghi, Head of Business Development, Solarisbank AG

Francois Maigre, Head of Payments Go To Market Europe SWIFT

Mélisande Mual, Publisher and Managing Director, The Paypers


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