Bottomline Open Banking Solutions

Bottomline offers a global cash visibility and secure payments SaaS platform for companies to manage their collections, payables and liquidity. These solutions can be white-labelled and offered by Banks & FIs as part of their wider corporate customer support programs.

It is vital for companies to be able to receive collections in real-time - open banking makes this possible. Additionally, open banking supports pre-populated payment information, including the payers bank details if required, and therefore eliminates the risk of errors arising from customers manual inputting the details.

We are proud to be the payments stage sponsor and particpate in the below sessions:

  • Charles Bennett, Head of Commercial Product, will be chairing the payments stage throughout the day
  • Charles Bennett, Head of Commercial Product, will also be moderating a panel at 12:15PM - 1:00PM entitled “The industry fights back: Building a supersonic APP fraud strategy” alongside experts from Lending Standard Board, UK Finance, N26 and CIFAS.
  • Ed Adshead- Grant, Director of Strategic Business Development, will be doing a solo presentation at 3:00PM - 3:30PM on Fraud: The forgotten shield of Open Banking

Come and speak to one of the team at stand 19


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