According to a recent survey by EY, 88 percent of senior executives in Switzerland are convinced that a fundamental structural change has begun in the country. Competition from fintechs and international banks are the main reasons. In fact, Swiss banks and other financial institutions have been changing and will continue to do so as payments methods, messaging, and regulations evolve.

Four main areas of change including Instant Payments & Real-Time Gross Settlement, adoption of SIC5, CBPR+ Messaging & Finance IP Net, among others, will affect Switzerland and other countries in the region and across the world.

Join our expert panel of SIX, Anapaya, and Bottomline as we help banks & FIs in Switzerland develop the most efficient and innovative strategies to ensure speed to market and a competitive edge.

The Panelists will be discussing:

How is the payments landscape changing in Switzerland & what impact will it have on current road-maps?

How key is SIC Instant Payments and how can banks & FIs adapt to the new way to communicate Real-Time Gross Settlement messages?

What is CBPR+ and how does this differ from existing SIC mandated ISO 20022 domestic scheme in 2015?

What are the benefits that this will bring to make Switzerland more competitive and what is the use case for early adoption?

The Panelists:

  • Bruno Kudermann, Senior Product Manager, SIX
  • Martin Bosshardt, CEO, Anapaya Systems
  • Frédéric Viard, Product Director, Bottomline
  • Moderator: Vitus Rotzer, Head of Europe, Bottomline

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