Over the past year, businesses have recognised that flexibility and scalability are paramount. Treasurers have pushed their current processes and infrastructures to their limits and now, many are taking the opportunity to be the pioneers of long-term change and strategic improvement in their financial organisations.

Simultaneously charged with ensuring financial continuity and supporting growth, treasury teams are looking towards technology to carry out their missions. Often getting started can be the hardest part. How do you know what to look for in a TMS solution? How long will the project take, and will I have the resources to carry it through?

In this webinar, treasury veteran, Thomas McNiven, Solution Consultant at Bottomline TreasuryXpress, answers these questions and more. Attendees will gain deeper insight into the key success areas for embarking on a treasury transformation journey, including:

How to know you are ready for a new TMS

Building the Business Case

Preparing for your RFP and Evaluation Process

Understanding the Market

Technology trends

TMS providers

Implementation trends and considerations

Areas to avoid and how to spot red flags

Project Management Best Practices

Starting off strong

Project governance recommendations

Success metrics

General Information
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