All banks & financial institution, no matter their size or geography, are currently experiencing at least one, if not multiple, significant change programmes running concurrently. This will be either for ISO 20022, upgrading their payment system, adding real time instant payments, re-grouping operational centres and controls, outsourcing last mile connectivity for new markets, or re-enforcing compliance and controls.

Whilst these innovations will massively benefit Financial Institutions, the layers upon layers of new functionality will add further complexity into operational systems.

At a time where a multitude of ‘change requests’ are hitting desks, it is vital for decision makers to take a step back and ask key questions before they build or buy anything.

It is these key questions that we plan to have our experts address in this webinar;

What are the mandatory and optional changes that relate to clear market trends & what steps should be taken to avoid mistakes and focus and added value?

How can Banks & FIs manage real-time from an operational and compliance control point of view?

What should corporate clients expect from their banks and FI counterparts in this fast-evolving payments world?

What are the key differentiators to gain competitive advantage, and how vital is the operational change roadmap in the narrative of a bank’s marketing story to retain and build your competitive advantage to win market share?

What are the five key regulatory mandates and industry directives that are forcing change and will these have a positive impact in forcing best practice and easing the complexity operations?


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  • Charles De Rougé, Head of SaaS, Bottomline FM
  • Mark Sutton, Senior Consultant, Zanders
  • Francois Maigre, Head of Payments Go to Market Europe, SWIFT
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  • Zhenya Winter, Head of Marketing – Financial Messaging, Bottomline
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