THIS DATA PROCESSING ADDENDUM is entered into as of the DPA Effective Date by and between: (1) the Bottomline incorporated and registered in Switzerland identified in one of the addenda below (“Bottomline”); and (2) the entity who is a counterparty to the Agreement into which this Data Processing Addendum is incorporated and forms a part (“Customer”), and records the Parties’ agreement with respect to the terms and conditions governing the Processing and security of Personal Data provided to Bottomline pursuant to the Agreement.


  • (A)    Please pay particular attention to Section 2, which determines if and when the terms of this Data Processing Addendum will come into force and effect.
  • (B)     The Data Protection Laws mandate that the Processing of Customer Personal Data that Bottomline carries out on your behalf is subject to a contract containing certain specific terms (these are set out in Article 28(3) of the GDPR). We have prepared this Data Processing Agreement to ensure that these mandated terms are in place.
  • (D)    This Data Processing Addendum has been pre-signed on behalf of Bottomline. Should you wish to retain an executed version of this Data Processing Addendum please sign a copy and keep it for your records, and return a signed copy of this Data Processing Addendum to Bottomline (by email to

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